Lots going on

Website updates, Sailing, Baby Shower, Work etc..

Today I worked on updating the church website http://msfchurch.org … Had to transfer over the domain to my account then I suddenly lost connection to the host. Contacted GoDaddy and they mentioned this is a bug in their system. The rep told me somethings to try but none of them seem to work. I ended up just forwarding the domain to the msfchurch.com. The host was Godaddy. I have never run into this issue using other hosting companies that were apart from the domain.

Found a sweet pen that was posted on Web Worker Daily. It records sound and your writing. A little too expensive for my needs. I think it was like $169 dollars.

Wife has a baby shower this weekend.

Sailing at GRSC this weekend.

New theme here too… Have a love hate situation for it right now.

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